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Super Star is never our style. We work as a team make project perfectly. In Horizon, we all love to share our experience to each other, by this way can make sure anyone can handle any situation anytime.

25 years anniversary celebration

5 times 5 is more than 25.

We are looking forward the next 25 years coming, so it’s important for us to stay heathy. Horizon design has set up a 5 year plan to conquer Taiwan’s mountains since 2013.

We invited Taiwan Mountain Lohas Association host 4 times suburban  hiking and 1  Taiwan’s summit trekking a year. By following the professional tutor’s guideline, we’ve learned basic knowledge and physical training step by step. More and more people begin to join, so we hope we can walk far more than we thought in the future.

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Hiking in Mt. Yushan, Main peak

25th-25 anniversary celebration


Hiking in Mt. Qilai, south peak

9th-25 anniversary celebration


Hiking in Mt. Qilai, Main peak and Northern peak

19th-25 anniversary celebration


Hiking in Sanxia

13th-25 anniversary celebration


Hiking in Songluo Lake (Adolescent Girl Lake)

23th-25 anniversary celebration

Monthly Happy Hour.

Horizon Design has arranged monthly happy hour with different fun topics for all our lovely family members. We hope everyone can get some rest and reach to different fields, further more we can grow up together.




Sweets in summer time!

We all followed the instruction of amazing tutor Olivia to make delicious éclair!


Creative Fai Chun!(揮春/春聯)

Just write down your wishes!


Autumn Wine Testing Class

We are so lucky to have Edouard Flamans teach us how to enjoy the wine & cheeses. It really blows our mind!! Cheers!!!


Moss Ball

We all followed the instruction of awesome tutor to make adorable Moss Ball by ourselves.


Sharing & Consensus

In order to unite the consensus and understanding, Horizon design has held sharing and consensus activity for two days since 2003. It’s about annual activities theme, goals, and processes.

In addition, we would love to have sub-contractors and material suppliers to join us to share the same goal with us. We are looking forward to have a great connection between each other to create a best result.


2016 Chien Tan youth activity center – Project process experience sharing.




2012 Fu-Hsin China Youth Corps. – Seeking DNA.

To rise team member’s trust by helping each other through the outdoor exercise.

End of year party performance.

Year end is the most important time to all designers in Horizon Design. It’s not just about projects, also about how to make the party hot and fun. Work hard, play hard.



Alice needs awakening.



E-Sun Bank Golden Seed Library Project.

Gold Seed project is promoted by E-Sun bank volunteer foundation which is about helping primary school to build and decorate the library of suburban area in Taiwan. We are hoping to attract children to read.

The whole idea of this library is not just about make library a place to read, but also the extension of reginal characteristics.

As the project echoed very well, the first stage of 100 libraries has completed in 2015, the second stage of goal toward 200 libraries has begun. Horizon Design also donated one in 2011 to shows our support.





Kid’s Book House (Jin-Ho Book House).

In 2009, Horizon Design has learned the information about Jin-Ho Book House (public service for children) on internet. We are hoping we can use our specialty to help them, so we start to gather all the people and sources.





The whole team work very effective and close. All the materials are brought from Taipei, and we design on the job site directly. The result is really great without spend a penny of Book house. We’ve all learned about more bless to give than receive.

Kid’s Book House (Jin-Ho Book House).

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